Thursday, January 7, 2016


the happiest dentist-goer, playing with Photo Booth 

 The kids all had dentist appointments yesterday, which by itself can be a bit of an overwhelming thing for me. I've gotten over my terrible fear of the dentist, but it still takes a lot for me to be so cheerful and happy and honest and supportive to help my kids feel safe and fine about the dentist. Ellie and Owen had checkups and Landon was scheduled to have three cavities filled. I realized at the last minute that I wasn't going to be able to help all of them at the same time. So, I asked for help and my sister Jen came to the rescue and came along with us to stick with Ellie and Owen while I helped Landon and kept track of Porter.

Landon had a really rough dentist appointment a few months ago (which meant I did too!) And when I set up this one, I planned to have Jordan take over. Unfortunately he had a meeting come up at the same time, so it was left to me. And oh! this poor Landon! He left with a small filling, a big filling, and a (kids) crown, and it was hard and sad and exhausting! Part of it I know just has to be hard -- but the dentist and assistant were just not very compassionate. Landon (who is a tough kid!) was in tears trying to tell them it was hurting too much and they'd just say "it doesn't hurt, it's numb"
Oh, so frustrating. And time to find a new dentist.

But we made all made it through, and Jen was a wonderful help which I was so grateful for!

Also yesterday --
 A visit from Owen's primary teacher, a play day for Ellie, soap carving at scouts for Landon,  a lot of intense work-kinds of things for Jordan all through the day plus some extra work in the evening after the kids went to bed, and a short dinner/star wars party in the evening (and into bed for me with a good book by 8:15!)