Wednesday, January 6, 2016

change/ a new phone

little Ellie with a computer mouse 'I'm talking on the phone'
I'm not big on trying new things. If something still even kind of sort of works, I'll stick with it just as long as possible. As a tech guy, this can sometimes be somewhat frustrating to Jordan who is always excited to try (and share) the latest and greatest with me.

I had my first laptop for years and years, and Jordan just finally got to pick out a new one for me last year, only as the reward for some of kind of a contest we'd made between us.

I  kept my first cell phone for about 9 years (with so many new pieces and parts cobbled together in repairs over the years that by the end of it's long life, it really wasn't technically the same phone.) My replacement wasn't an awesome choice though since for the last year  it rings/dings only about 25% of the time I have a call or text.

But with the alternative being to try something new... I've stuck with the silly broken phone. Jordan had a perfectly good phone that he's been encouraging me to use for the last 6 months, but I've been stubborn about my old broken phone being good enough, I don't need a fancy new phone...

But, Jordan finally got through. He picked out a cute little case for the perfectly great phone (in the perfect color) and a cute little cover and he wrapped it up and gave it to me for Christmas. Now it wasn't so easy to turn down!

So now I have a new phone, and if you call me, I might even hear it and answer!  It took only a few days before I realized how silly I'd been to stick with a broken phone all this time. (I'll even put it in writing for my sweetheart -- Jordan you were right!)