Thursday, January 14, 2016


Last week's homemade mac&cheese by Ellie 

Week 2 of my new try-new-recipes goal has been a fun success.

We made molasses bread (fine, but made delicious with a neighbor's cider cinnamon spread). I'm new enough to making homemade breads that I thought I'd timed all the rising/etc.  to be ready for an after school snack, but instead we had it for a just before dinner snack. Also, I think because our kitchen is a bit cold maybe it didn't rise as much as it should have? Maybe I'll try again sometime if we get through the 2 extra loaves now in the freezer :)

Last night I made this indian butter chicken.  (I don't know what the difference is between 'butter chicken' and 'chicken masala' or ' chicken tikka masala'... but this tasted just like my favorite chicken tikka masala from our favorite  Indian restaurant here in Logan) It was great! This was another one I wasn't so sure if I'd like, and I was pretty sure the kids wouldn't eat. But I thought it was super, and the kids even liked it a bit too -- hooray! Jordan and I had the leftovers today for lunch piled with shredded cabbage (me) and lots of other veggies too for Jordan. I also made this Indian flat bread, which was not awesome. We ate it, but it was not so great -- definitely a new recipe next time.

And last weekend Ellie tried out her new kids cookbook with homemade macaroni and cheese. I'd love to find a really fantastic mac&cheese recipe to add to our dinner rotations this year. This was fine (and very fun to help Ellie!) but we all decided that we need to keep searching for a favorite.