Monday, March 28, 2016

We're going to London!

Last weekend we worked out all of the big details (flights, housing) and it's official - we're really going to London! Kathie will be joining us and Jordan will take a week off so we can see the sights all together. We'll stop in the office one day and meet the Lost My Name team and just get a feel for this new to us city. Woohoo!

When Jordan started work at Animoto and we traveled (with just little 2 year-old Landon!) out to New York for that first visit, it felt pretty unbelievable and unexpected -  'how did we end up here?' And now after several New York years with Animoto and then Bonobos, we're starting out on another great unexpected adventure again. Fortunately for my not-really-so-super-adventerous heart, our day to day life besides this big trip won't be changing so much! :)