Wednesday, June 22, 2016

dance class

Warming up for their performance -- these two were in the "pink" dance :)

A few years ago, Ellie and Owen took an 'art dance' class right near the University. It was a great short car ride (which is all Porter baby could take at the time) and they both really loved it.  Ever since the class ended, I've wanted to get them involved in another creative dance class but the dance company rehearses downtown which has felt so far. :) Finally this summer (last week) we tried out a short week long class and it was just great. (The first day Owen was not thrilled, but once another boy joined their group he was happy.)

I was so proud of them when they did their little show at the end of the week at Logan's Summerfest. Owen had told me all week, "I'm not doing the show" And I was anxious about what he or Ellie might do when it was time to perform. But, I just left them with their class backstage and sat to watch with Grandma Maureen and when it was time they came out and did wonderfully, even with each of their tiny little solo bits -- hooray for these two brave kiddos! They went yesterday to be a part of an extra performance at an assisted living center in town (with no complaints!), and Jordan got to watch them too.

This week I've seen lots more dancing at home too which I love! Hooray for a fun new thing to try out!