Thursday, June 2, 2016

garage cleanout

With summer temperatures on the way, we decided it was time to start parking our van in the garage again. So the trampoline came down and Jordan and the kids had a super-fast-garage-clean-out challenge. I came home to see all of our bikes and strollers and scooters out on the lawn and it was just a fun and funny sight to see! Mostly because we actually use all of these! (Except for 2 smaller bikes that got packed up for a while).

I remember when Landon was born that I felt like it was important that we have only one stroller. (little did I know...) And I can remember rollerblading with that one stroller and the wheels would go all crazy because we were going too fast and they were too small... When Landon outgrew his car seat, we picked up a stroller at DI and Landon (who didn't love my morning walks quite as much as I did) broke through the straps in his efforts to escape...
When Ellie was born we got the BOB and that was just about the best purchase we have ever made.

Then more kids, more scooters, bikes, strollers...

I was thinking that someday when our kids are all grown, our garage will just be a boring old place for cars and 2 grown up bikes. But really I think Jordan will keep that garage interesting with all of his new 'things that go' hobbies.

 (Right now the van is actually back out to the driveway because the garage floor is taken up with a kids kayak, a rental tandem kayak and a big inflatable raft from Jordan's latest adventures!)