Monday, June 27, 2016

on pineapples / babies

image here 

Last week after my doctor's checkup, I stopped at the store for a couple of groceries (and a chocolate cake donut :) I'd opted yes for the procedure to maybe speed things along (because I am just a bit nervous about a big baby...) and the doctor said after the exam something like "I bet I'll see you again tonight!"

They had a big display of pineapple out at the store, and as soon as I saw it I thought of the not-at-all-scientific tip of how fresh pineapple can help labor come sooner... and how I'd read that and eaten pineapple for dinner the night before I was scheduled to be induced with Ellie, and then started labor on my own on the way to the hospital (hooray!) Even though I know that was just a funny coincidence, I stood there debating for a little while about whether to add the pineapple to the cart, but ultimately decided that if it was up to me I'd be happy to wait a little longer for this baby to come.

I told Jordan the story, and later that day  after he'd had stopped at the store again for dinner groceries, I saw a pineapple in the fridge -- I guess Jordan's more ready than me for this little guy to come!

(For the record, I ate pineapple all weekend because it was just so delicious, but so far all is calm from this little guy :)