Wednesday, June 1, 2016

school time (first report)

We've had two days of summer school time now and so far, so good! (Though yesterday we did have to adjust our schedule a bit!)

In the past we've done everything all together and had a theme we were working on (Portuguese basics, A to Z,  Countries of the world...)

This year, we're trying out stations and not sticking with any set theme. The big kids each have four stations and we just rotate every 15/20 minutes. Together, Screen, Piano/Mom, Independent.  (I haven't yet decided how to work Porter in, but we'll just see how that all goes :)

Together -- This is some fun game or activity that we do all together. Yesterday we had little front room races where the kids had to crawl from one side to the other and use tweezers to fill up a jar with puff balls. Today we used droppers and tiny spoons to make orange cream popsicles.

Landon is doing half of his eye patching time during school time, so as I've brainstormed activities, I've tried to think of ideas that will be fun for everyone and also hopefully help him strengthen his vision/depth perception/etc. (and maybe without him even noticing that it is work :)

Independent -- This is some of the same as above (activities to help Landon's vision hopefully). Yesterday was mottik blocks and today the kids did puzzles. They might do some math work or word puzzles, lego building challenges, writing practice...

Screen -- Landon is doing Duolingo & Splashmath, Ellie Duolingo & Reflex math, and Owen has a few reading/math apps on the ipad to choose from.

Piano/Mom -- piano practice for Ellie and Landon, reading time for Owen and me (and Porter).

We'll see how it all goes! I'm sure we'll make some adjustments along the way, but so far I think it's going to work out fine :)