Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tennis lessons / summer mornings

I'm loving our summertime mornings. We've had enough going on each day at certain times that I've had to write up a schedule to put up on the fridge and remind me what's happening. But we've got a pretty great little morning routine going. A slow wake up, breakfast & morning jobs (which the kids are getting better and better at!). Then we head to Elkridge Park (this week) for Landon's tennis lessons and the kids all get to play while I watch or read or talk to another tennis lesson mom. (Perfect!!) 

Ellie found a friend (a big sister of another tennis player in Landon's class) and it is so wonderful to watch them play. Today they found a little spot in a tall tree that they decided was a fairy home and spent the hour finding and making treasures to leave for the fairies. 

A quick snack at the park and then we head home for school time (which is still going great, hooray!) That takes us to naptime and quiet time and then Jordan's finished with work for the day and we're likely ready for some kind of adventure. 

Hooray for these fun summer days!