Tuesday, June 21, 2016


These have been some happy and full summer days. Each week we've had just one lesson type thing going on (tennis for Landon, dance for Ellie & Owen, swim) Still, combined with wanting to fit in school time most days, then some play dates and doctors appointments and other little meetings and activities...  And I've had to keep a close eye on the calendar each day to remember what and when everything is happening!

Reading the kids books just to see what they're reading. This week it's Ivy & Bean (such mischief!) and Justin Case (I just really like that kid!) And reviewing my old labor/birth books (!) Also, this week I've woken up a bit before the kids (!!) a few times and started my day with a conference talk and that has seemed so super nice.

Cooking hot dog roll ups and rainbow fruit salad (Owen's choices for the week, Ellie's & Landon's recipes were more involved and somehow we haven't gotten to them still...) When it comes to dinnertime each day, I'm pretty much starting with "what goes with watermelon?" because even if I have nothing else prepared, so far this summer we almost always have chopped watermelon in the fridge.

Cleaning all the things. (Not really though, more like organizing/finishing up/tidying/rearranging) On Saturday, Jordan said something like "Why don't we spend the day just working on getting some things done off your to do list?" (sweetest words!!) And we did, and it was wonderful!

Adventuring a bit less maybe, but still we've had some bikerides and Jordan and the kids are loving their boating trips to First Dam. Right now Jordan and Landon are checking out Cutler Marsh, so we'll have a report soon on how kayaking is there. We rode to the library and out to eat last weekend and I wondered which was more of a sight -- a so-pregnant me on my bike or Jordan + all the kids on their extreme train bike.

Eating lots of whole fruit popsicles (our other summer staple).

Celebrating Father's day with Jordan (plus his birthday later this week). And new baby nephew Alex! Also lots of lost teeth of Ellie's (and one more for Landon too)