Monday, June 6, 2016

Reading Lately

1776 - I loved this. I finished it and was so sad that it didn't go on to 1777 and 1778 and on and on. I was surprised as I read to realize how very little I know about the Revolutionary War and that whole time period (I should have taken American Heritage!) and I really just wanted to keep reading and reading to learn more.

Auggie & Me - A few more thoughtful stories from the characters in Wonder. I think these are all just great little examples that I'd love to read soon with my kids about how to be a good friend.

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook - Really great. A boy grows up with his mother in a low-restriction prison. So many loving characters and kindness and just an interesting new perspective in this boys life. 

Far North - Jordan read this to me so just for that I loved it. It's a book that I've had on the bookshelf since my teaching days (from the Farrer Middle School library when they gave away all the extra books...) A fun adventure story that made us so grateful for our warm home and warm blankets and warm everything :)

Hit the Road Helen - I didn't quite make it through this one but it was actually pretty fun. The covers on this series (Myth-o-mania) are not great so I had low expectations... But Landon likes these so much I decided to give it a try and it was interesting and clever. 

Essentialism - I kept thinking as I read this about how my life is already pretty simple! The author would give examples of high stress, packed to the minute days, etc. and I almost started to wonder if I ought to have a little more of that! (but not really)  I think one chapter was maybe enough for me, but I did really like the overall message of choosing which things are most important and focusing on those. And in another season of life when it was more applicable I probably would have really enjoyed it quite a lot. 

Fodors London - Just fun London planning!

Winter Sea - I got this recommendation from a favorite blogger, so I really wanted to love it. And it was fine, but not a favorite. Maybe the sequel will be better now that I get the gist of it? What I did love was that I got to read this all the way home from England (hooray for long international flights!?)

The Sopranos Last Song - This was kind of strange. Maybe because I started mid-series? It was a childrens book, but it felt more like a YA book and I had a hard time placing how old the characters were supposed to be and such. Maybe I'll try again with the first one and see what I think then.

Waiting for Normal - I really liked this. I finished and then realized it was the same author as All Rise for the Honorable... And that seemed like a good fit. Creative characters and kindness and friendship in unexpected places. And like the other book, more interesting perspective.

Uprooted- This was really interesting. It was the story of a family from England who lived in Canada during the war as evacuees. I don't think I've ever really known/thought about people doing this, but after reading this I'm interested in learning more.