Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekend Fun

two cute nieces!

We had a fun time with family in town this weekend visiting for Jen & Jeremiah's new baby Alex's blessing. 

We had a delicious and fun breakfast at Herm's to celebrate Jordan's birthday with my Dad & Shauna (Herm's at last! we'd tried in the past a couple of times but always had somewhere else we had to be and couldn't wait as long as needed.) 

Jordan got our long-broken sprinkler all fixed (hooray for Jordan!) 

And we had a fun Saturday afternoon/evening at First Dam visiting and rafting/kayaking and picnic-ing with family. 

Sunday we went to Alex's baby blessing and enjoyed more visiting + yummy lunch at Jenny & Jeremiah's new home. 

It was pretty great to get to see all these cute little nieces and nephews, all growing so big!