Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Fall Weekend

Friday evening, we walked/strollered/scootered/biked/rollerbladed to the University for dinner. It was a gorgeous walk there, and a beautiful (but somehow longer) walk home. Isaac loved the stars though "Reach them!" he said stretching up from his stroller as high as he could. And I got to show Owen the big dipper (one of the two constellations I can find :) I love this beautiful place we live.

Saturday we got morning jobs finished up, then Jordan took care of some home repairs (and Isaac!) while I took the other kids to the American West Heritage Center with some friends. It was a different feel having just those 4 (and no stroller!) The kids had fun with the Fall activities and we wandered the corn maze, rode the train (where the kids were thrilled to obey the conductor's instruction 'scream as loud as you can in the tunnel!'), said hello to the animals, and just had a nice afternoon.

That evening, the kids all enjoyed a great garage movie party celebration for our friend across the street (it was so fun and cozy!) Even Isaac was loving to be one of the big kids till I took him home early. (But I'm thinking maybe we can try a movie theater again some time and not just hang out in the lobby!)

Sunday after church we sat in the kitchen playing Agricola and watching our Gingko leaves fall and fall and fall like beautiful big snowflakes --Gingko day! I love it so much. Then the kids spent most of the rest of the afternoon raking, blowing, piling, and burying each other in all those soft leaves.

A lovely Fall weekend.