Monday, October 29, 2018


Jordan helps get the tech set up for church broadcasts and such, and they've started something where those who aren't able to leave their homes can still watch from home. For the regional broadcast yesterday,  he wanted to test that out, and I was sick with a cold, so I stayed home to test + watch. Things look pretty intense above with these kiddos but they were super quiet while we listened and Isaac built magnatile towers behind them.

(They had an amazing little factory going: Owen is being a mailman for Halloween and he and Ellie decided he should have some "Happy Halloween" letters to deliver to each house when he goes trick or treating. So Owen made envelopes, Ellie made and packaged the Halloween notes, and Porter kept careful track of each card that was made to make sure there was an equal number of pumpkins, bats, and witch hats:)

The conference was great, with lots of focus on the new program for teaching at home (or it felt that way to me since that is on my mind). My favorite part though came in one of the prayers. As Isaac has been learning to pray, he'll often speak along with whoever happens to be praying - usually catching just the most important words, and something about his sweet voice repeating this prayer I just loved -- "Jesus...perfect...loves better."