Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thank you notes

This morning I took the boys with me to the post office to drop off a great big armful of packages. The boys loved the echo of the entry hallway and the slipperyness of the floor, and they ran around wildly while I taped up my packages. When I got to the counter, the woman was perfectly cheerful and kind and friendly with the boys.

Two of my packages were returns of some jeans I'd bought to try on. I hadn't realized when I bought them that I'd have to pay shipping for returns from that store, and I'd just bought each style I liked in a few sizes... So I was kind of dreading sending them back and seeing how much I'd have to pay in postage. But as she was weighing the packages, the woman said, "you know, if we just do a little repackaging, I bet we can fit these two into one box and save you some money!" And then she actually helped me squeeze and smoosh all those jeans into one smaller box, "We did it! I just saved you eight bucks! Now you can stop at Cafe Rio for lunch!"

Thank you for making this long-delayed errand into just a bright part of my day!