Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Crazy hair day

Trying not to smile!

We got back from Fall break a few days into the school week and jumped in right during red ribbon week. We were driving to school that morning, and we saw Ellie's friend Aria waiting for the bus -- after a second look back one of the kids was asking "Why is Aria's hair green?" We got to school and saw everyone hopping out of their cars with wild hair styles.

Owen was sad to miss out on the chance to make his hair into a dozen volcanos.  Ellie said, "It's fine mom! I'll just put my hair in a ponytail and put some tissues in it! Really, Mom!" I knew it was silly of me, but I kind of wanted to drive her home and help her do her hair into some super-cute elaborate something like what I was seeing as other girls ran into school. But she was super excited about her plan, so off she went. She came home from school with this style instead, complete with colorful twisty pipe cleaners, and told me her teacher did it for her!  I'm still not sure what the story was or how it came to be but I think Ellie will happily remember this crazy hair day!