Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy Weekend

We've had a beautiful week of Fall weather -- perfect 68 degree blue sky days, rain and thunderstorm days, and cozy back-and-forth overcast and clear days. And all with these beautiful colorful leaves everywhere too. 

Yesterday our power went out a little after 4:00. By 6:00 when it was still out,  I was gathering up flashlights and lanterns. By 7:00, I had borrowed a few head lamps from a friend, and then just a few minutes after we got home - lights!  The kids thought it was great fun to have a dark party evening (it had gotten pretty dim inside even while it was still bright outside), and when the lights came on they were excited all over again. 

The kids are out of school today, and it's been a mostly smooth low-key day. We've had a busy few weeks with full afternoons and evenings, so it has felt very nice to have an open-calendar-space kind of a day. 

This weekend, we're watching General Conference and going to a few soccer games for the boys. I think it's time to pull up our tomato plants (and the other garden stragglers :) And we'll see what else, but hopefully some lovely outside time.