Wednesday, October 24, 2018


The kids have been brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. So far I've heard: pink bunny, white bunny, blue bunny, Hermione, duck, duck with a witch hat, fireman, construction worker... (and always when Halloween comes up, just a "please can I still go trick-or-treating this year?" from our almost-teenager)

We'll see what they come up with. But first I had to write about my favorite costume yet, from last year --  

In first grade, Owen made up these little superhero characters: Banana with a sock, Grape with gloves, Apple with a hat, and Orange with boots. And he'd make up little stories about these guys and doodle them on his papers at school when he was finished working. 

So, for Halloween he wanted to be his favorite of these superheroes - Banana with a sock. 

And it was one of my most satisfying sewing projects yet (and silliest for sure!) to turn his idea into a Halloween costume. (There was a sock attached at some point, but I think he got tired of explaining his costume and decided sometime through the day to just be a banana :)

Halloween sewing has been my favorite because nothing has to be perfect and shortcuts are just as good as the real thing (velcro > zippers)