Thursday, October 25, 2018

Happy Anniversary Date (14!)

Jordan and I celebrated our Anniversary while we were in California with a fun overnight trip in to San Francisco. 

We'd gone with everyone to Muir Woods earlier in the day, then decided on our way back home that we'd drop the kids off and turn back around and drive back into the city. (Though the California commute traffic very nearly had us calling the whole thing off!)

Jordan searched for restaurants and made a reservation while we drove, though when we arrived it wasn't quite what we'd expected so we set off in search of a new dinner plan. We had a fun night-time walk through the city and ended up with a  super yummy dinner from Whole Foods, plus some cookies to go :)

It felt pretty strange/relaxing arriving late at the hotel but not having the rush of calling for extra blankets, making up beds, searching for toothbrushes, etc. And, the next morning we slept in till 8:00 (!!) Jordan is usually up by 5 and Isaac wakes up about 6, so this felt pretty luxurious! 

After a fun breakfast, we set out from our hotel and then just walked and walked. We explored the different piers, found  a great little puzzles shop, bought fudge after a cute demonstration they put on, saw a fun "cookie dough" restaurant, watched a crowd of sea lions, and just had fun wandering and exploring together. 

After lunch at a sour dough bread shop (sour dough sandwiches & sour dough tacos) we rented some scooters and then visited Ghirardelli Square and headed downtown by scooter - very fun! 

Driving home, Jordan was reading Funny in Farsi to me and we were just so focused on the stories that we missed our exit by about 15 minutes! But, once we got turned around we were happy to go meet up with Kathie and Winslow and all the kids for a fun dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (And for the record, when the little boys came running to us arms outstretched, they reached for Jordan first -- "Daddy!!" :)