Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween

I sure love these kids! This mailman, bat, tiger, pigicorn, and Uncle Sam :)

My neighbor and friend texted the night before to say "I know Halloween can be such a busy day with a family, what can I do to take away a little stress of the day?" along with lots of specific ideas too! It turned out that Jordan had a day full of meetings, so she came over while Isaac napped so she could be here when he woke while I helped with Ellie's class party.

It's always so fun to help with the class parties. (Well, not always actually. It's so fun to help with the class parties when I'm not in charge!) The kids are so excited and thrilled with whatever big or little thing you bring. My favorite was one of Landon's 1st grade classmates about their Halloween party "I'm going to remember you forever! I'm going to remember this day forever!" (Probably not, but I still think of this any time I see him!)

I made up a little math game based on a game Ellie and Owen really like to play. It wasn't donuts-on-a-string but it was very fun and I was relieved the kids all seemed to have fun playing (and munching on candy corn too!)

After school we went to the Lee's Halloween activity (the line is always stretched out past the door, and the kids have memorized all the treats that they'll give out... but they are always so excited still, so we go :)

Then broccoli cheese soup + pumpkin soup bowls, last minute costume fixes, bundling up with layers, and trick-or-treating. We had 4 rounds of trick-or-treating this year -- Landon headed out with friends while I took the other kids to the three houses up the street, then Isaac stayed home with Jordan. Porter made it around a neighborhood loop, then went home. Landon joined up with Ellie and Owen and me after his friends finished up early, then I took Landon to 2 last houses he wanted to see after Ellie and Owen were ready to be done :) Then candy sorting and swapping and handing out for a few late straggler trick-or-treaters, and a late night to bed.

Halloween has never been a favorite of mine. But the other day, as we'd finished some Halloween prep, Owen was praying for dinner and included so sincerely "Thank you for all the holidays!" (He also slept in/tried to sleep in his Halloween costume every day from when we got it ready till Halloween!)  It is so fun to make even a non-favorite holiday feel magical for these kiddos I love so much!