Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving Break

Jordan and the older kids played with the new expansion set for Carcassonne while Porter made creations out of all the spare parts :)

Jordan said last night about our Thanksgiving break something like "I don't know if I've ever played so many board games!" He and the kids played several games of Risk, Carcassonne, Coup... and we also had some King of Tokyo, and Agricola... and I'm sure there were probably several more in there too. 

Besides board games, (which we did have a lot of! :) we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jordan's Brough cousins, and we got to visit with Kel&Josh's family, Jen&Jeremiah's family, and my Dad and Shauna. (Plus more board games, and a Brazilian dinner, a pizza party, and hotel swimming too!)

Also this long weekend: Christmas decorating, a van battery replacement, sweet carrot muffin making, chocolate chip cookie making by Landon for his class at church, Jordan's first week in primary with Owen, Lego playing, house cleaning, guest room prepping, and the final family cold recovering (all are well for now, hooray!) 

We thought there would be a big snow storm and we'd go sledding and everything, but it has still just been quite lovely! We did have a little snow, but again today it is still such a beautiful Fall day. I'm really loving these clear November days.  The kids are sure anxious for some fun snow, but I'm happy to enjoy these soft fall colors as long as they last!