Friday, November 2, 2018

Pumpkins + Life this week

I stepped outside this morning to take a picture of our jack-o-lanterns, and Porter came right out and started arranging things just right for the picture - "Isaac you sit right here next to yours, and I'll hold mine right here..." 

(Also, notice Ellie's pumpkin name tag 'Cacklin Jaqueline', and Isaac's excellent footwear!)

When Jordan headed to the store with all of the kids and plans to let them each pick out a pumpkin to carve, I was sure we'd have 5 mostly un-carved pumpkins before the kids were ready to be done. But, here they are! Landon, Ellie, Owen and Porter all stuck with it (with some help) and Isaac's (scooped then forgotten) we cooked today to use for pumpkin muffins :)

Also this week -- 

+ I've been sick with a cold - nothing terrible, but I just haven't felt good. I'm finally feeling better today though so I'm also feeling more cheerful/hopeful/capable in general :) 

+Work has been intense for Jordan and likely will be till the end of the year... we sat down and made a list of the non-negotiables: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, dinner together, help at bedtimes, etc. He'd been looking forward to a calm holiday season this year, but hopefully things will go smoothly still even if it's not the calm time we had planned on. It did make me feel excited to see all the happy things we have coming up in the next two months -- and maybe this will all help us prioritize the most important things with the time/energy we do have? 

I felt pretty hopeful going into this first week of crunch time, but being sick at the same time has felt a little rough (His longest day so far fit two full work days in - I know people do this regularly, but man!)  Still, we've had a lot of happy times this week with festivities and everyday life... we'll see how we do!