Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Service Scavenger Hunt

For the last few years, we've joined our friends in their service scavenger hunt activity the weekend before Thanksgiving.  (Everyone chooses some just-for-fun activities and as many little service ideas as they can complete in two  hours.) This year Jordan was home with sick boys, so it was just me and Landon and Ellie running around. I let them take the lead in what to do and it was fun to see their picks. 

We started out sliding at the park (Landon agreed to go down first so I wouldn't get all wet with the new snow :) and then played charades and cleaned out our coat closet. We left dollars for a treat at the gas station for a couple people, quarters at the laundromat (Along with a note transcribed by Ellie - It's lucky laundry day!), texted cousins, answered 'freerice' questions, gave out candy canes at the dollar store, delivered a fancy cupcake to Ellie's just released activity day leader, and took some Landon-made brownies to our neighbors.  Then we got to meet up for lunch with everyone else and hear some of their fun stories too.  Landon and Ellie were great cheerful kiddos and it was a fun afternoon activity!