Monday, November 5, 2018

Shoulder Angels/Sunday

Last night Jordan was watching some Studio C Shoulder Angel clips with the kids and they all wanted to try it out. Porter was by far the most expert Shoulder Angel of all - with Jordan kneeling or standing. And I can say since I tried, this was much harder than you'd think!

On the way to school today we were talking about an upcoming trip for Jordan, and Porter said "I hope he'll be back by that Sunday so we can do more Shoulder Angels!" (He just might be happily surprised to find out Shoulder Angels don't necessarily have to be a Sunday evening activity :)

We had Stake Conference yesterday (Jordan helped with the broadcast at the Stake Center, and I played with/wrestled with/wandered with Isaac till we found a quite room and then I listened while he reorganized all the chairs in the primary room (and helped clean up when we were done too). 

One of my favorite thoughts was just a little side story about a grandma's fun silly idea to get her grandkids involved in family night, and the speaker said somewhat jokingly "It must have been revelation!" But, really I think that's true. I've had times when some little idea for a game or activity or chart or system really made a difference for my kids or my primary class, etc. And I think that really is revelation. I know I've felt Heavenly Father's love for my children sometimes as I've had the thought to try some little idea and seen them love and learn from it. 

I'm thinking now of the beginning of the school year when our morning's were feeling really rough. I prayerfully thought about what I could do to make things better, and had the thought to leave the little boys home with Landon while I take the other kids to school. It was such a simple little change, but it immediately made our mornings calmer and happier and smoother. To me that felt like revelation, and I feel really grateful for little things like this that have helped me and our family too.  

With General Conference, conference while we visited in California, Regional Conference, and now Stake Conference, we've had a full month of lessons and reminders and instructions for next year's new home centered gospel learning. I'm excited to see how this is going to work in our family!