Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Report

Sunday Afternoon reading

+ Friday night Landon had a fun scout camp + swimming activity at some hot springs.

+ Saturday we worked our way through our jobs and errands etc. with lots of down time mixed in too.  (I am not a great with-kids errand runner. I think we had 3 stops, but I was spent!)  Oh, and a trip to the library with a stack of books for Landon about as high as he could balance in his arms!

+ Saturday night as everyone was getting to bed, Isaac and Landon were playing next to the bed and Isaac tripped over Landon, falling forward and hitting his eye on the metal edge of our bed frame (!!) Jordan was gone, so I left the kids with Landon and took poor little Isaac to the Instacare. I couldn't see inside his eye, and it was cut right up across the inside edge so I was very worried.  Fortunately, once they got it clean (which took me and two nurses, so I never would have been able to do this on my own!) everything looked okay. He woke up yesterday morning with an even puffier eye, but honestly didn't seem to be bothered much! After nap time I asked how his eye was doing and he answered (Oh, I love his new putting-words-together in his sweet little voice!) "Not hurting any more!" Poor kiddo, but I'm so glad the black eye is the most lasting problem.

+ While we were gone, the kids were pretty worried and they so sweetly looked all around the house for Isaac's favorite things. They surprised him when he got home with a great little collection all set out so carefully on the kitchen counter (soccer ball, blanket, a favorite book, a card, etc.)

+ Once I got the kids to bed (late!), I was prepping my lesson for primary on service. The lesson suggested having the kids help with some kind of service as part of the activity, so I had them color a big card for Isaac. The kids loved making it (I suggested they could draw things they love or things they thought he'd love, and the big theme became "candy!") Isaac set it out at home and was loving it "Is it?" (What is it) he asked again and again as pointed to each little picture (oreo cookies! lollipops! candy! a train! a heart balloon!)

+ Jordan and I both have new callings! Jordan was expecting a change since he was released from Young Mens a few weeks ago, but I was surprised! Jordan is going to be teaching Owen's primary class, and I'm going to be joining the Young Women as 2nd counselor. Except for one year with Relief Society activities and some time in Webelos scouts, I've been in primary since we've been married, so this will be very new for me!

+ I made it to ward choir at last (the reminder of upcoming Christmas music was enough to get me to remember the midafternoon time!)

+ The boys all had a sleepover party in my room -- I sure love all these boys! :)

+ And then back to school this morning, with one kiddo very much looking forward to Thanksgiving Break (next week! how did that happen?)