Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Peanut Butter Cookies

When we were shopping earlier this week, we saw a big picture of peanut butter kiss cookies on display with the Hershey's kisses and Porter said "We should make those!!" So we bought a bag of kisses and this morning he asked "After our walk, or after reading time, or maybe after movie time/shower time, could we make those cookies?" And we did and it was just a delight. I sure love these little boys!

Also, we have this Relief Society service auction activity coming up. I have really loved this in the past - it has just been a really fun night, and so great to see what everyone has made or done to share. And it's been so fun for me to make some cute thing to share too. A short time after we moved in we had this activity and I made some little hair clippies. And for years, I'd see these two sweet sisters every once in a while wearing one on Sunday and it was just so happy to see - I made that and they love it enough to wear it! Another year I made a little tote bag and a few years later noticed that it was somebody's weekly primary bag - again, so fun.

But this week, every time I've thought of something I could make or do, I've kind of thought 'but then I'd have to actually make or do that thing..." (I'm not sure what to think of this, but I think the best is to not overthink it and know that sometimes I feel like making and doing extra little things and sometimes not!)

And since we don't particularly need all of these delicious little peanut butter cookies, I'm thinking this is going to be the already-made-treat to share time instead of a think-of-something-so-cute-to-share time and I can be done brainstorming and vetoing my more labor intensive ideas :)