Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving 2017

We're getting ready for  Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with Jordan's cousins and company this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving (minus the meal... ) so I thought I'd write down a bit about last year's celebration :)

We got together at Kel and Josh's and had a fun intro to pickleball (on a beautiful warm day!) and the kids got to play at a really great park near Kel & Josh's. We played Captain Sonar (above) which Jordan was super excited to share and some other games too. And we had our Thanksgiving meal at Chuck-a-rama! (Which, surprisingly had quite the line - I never knew people did this!)

Before we came home, we visited Temple Square with my Mom and enjoyed the just-turned-on Christmas lights and displays (along with a lot of other people!)

And on the drive home, we stopped at See's chocolates where the kids each got to pick out their own box of chocolates (a gift from Jordan's friend Alex who had come to visit earlier that month)!