Monday, November 19, 2018

weekend report

The kids all slept in this morning (even Isaac, woohoo! even Landon, amazing!) till almost 7:00, and it was so refreshing! Also,  a few of the kids had been sick through the weekend. So instead of a Monday morning back-to-school rush,  while Landon was off to school the rest of us had a calm morning with lots of resting, paper boat making plus other sink or float experiments, reading, soup making (though Isaac did get in a bit of trouble when his water + clementine bit soup ended up all over the kitchen floor...), and movie time. 

It was really such a great feeling to wake up late and then know we didn't need to rush -- I think we're all feeling ready for Thanksgiving Break this week! Also, the kids are all just about the perfect level of sick today where they need to stay home from school, but they are not miserable any more so we can just take it easy. Phewph! 

Also this weekend: 

+ Haircuts for all the boys
+ A Service Scavenger Hunt with friends
+ Saturday jobs
+ A Pizza movie party watching Incredibles 2
+ Dinner with new friends (from Owen's class at school)

Ellie was still not feeling well when we were leaving for dinner last night, so Landon stayed home to take care of her. We were crossing our fingers they'd be okay (she was that kind of sick where she was pretty miserable but there also wasn't really anything we could do for her...) And Landon just took sweet care of her, so it was a successful experiment and a good chance for great big-brothering.