Friday, November 9, 2018

"We're all just doing the best we can, y'all"

(I read that little comment yesterday and felt grateful for how it stuck in my brain on replay this morning while we recovered from this little ordeal :)

I sure love these little matching buddy boys. And I've thought every day this week how much I love our mornings together, and how much I'm loving these two and the ages and stages they are in right now.

Still, every once in a while...!

I was pretty frustrated/disappointed/mad this morning about missing book group - one of my favorite things each month - because of a giant melt down ("I'M NOT COMING!") that I couldn't find any way to resolve. (Though we were discussing a parenting book this month, so we could have just gone kicking/yelling & all and been a great case study...)

Eventually, we got to "You can choose to calm down and come to book group, or we can walk back home and we can clean the garage." We didn't make much progress before kindergarten. Cooling down (for both of us), then warming up (the garage was pretty cold!),  then a garage floor lunch picnic of muffins and pear slices and swiss cheese, keeping close to the electric heater. (So, no progress on the garage, but progress in all those other ways.)

(And I would explain how we managed to get through round 2 of "I'm not going!" (the school version) but just like I don't know why nothing I tried worked for round 1, or what even brought about the great melt down,  I really don't know why something did work the next time!)

I'm actually not dreading an afternoon of cleaning the garage together after school though. He's a pretty great working buddy. And maybe I'll catch something from him along the way to help me a little better next time. And, I'm ready to be done scraping frost from our van in the driveway each morning.  And I want this little boy I love to feel I love him and want to help him (even if I was pretty mad).

We're all just doing the best we can, y'all