Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A happy birthday!

I still have that cute birthday plate!
A few things I loved on my birthday yesterday --

I loved the taste of

A made-by-Landon breakfast of oatmeal and toast.
Boston cream pie cupcakes, plus finger swipes of cake batter after mixing it together with Isaac and Porter.
A regular lunch made special with fun chips (and pumpkin pie on the side!)
Takeout for dinner from our favorite Indian restaurant.

I loved the sight of

A pinata! Jordan took a quick work break in the morning to run to the store with the little boys for birthday decorations - and came home with a pinata! (So fun and silly! Later it was filled with any candy that could be found in the storage room, most of which returned to the storage room after the pinata party fun :)
Streamers and balloons and curly ribbons filling our kitchen with happiness!
Our beautiful neighborhood on my morning walk.
All the kiddos eating their cupcakes and feeling so happy for a mostly regular day made extra happy with birthday celebration.
Our art of the month thankful trees project

I loved the smell of

Cupcakes baking!

I loved the feel of

A clean tidy upstairs! I spent a few minutes in the morning tidying up (gathering all the books/toys/paper/etc. into a box :) and enjoyed the tidiness all through the day till the kids returned after school.
Love from my family and friends!

I loved the sound of

My favorite Christmas music mix all morning (Peter Breinholt, Lower Lights, Celine Dion, Michael W. Smith, Mindy Gledhill)
A present from Porter "shake it! guess!" (Colored pencils to mark my scriptures! Such a sweet thoughtful, noticing gift!)
Happy Birthday texts and calls from friends and family that made me feel so loved.
Isaac singing along with "Happy Birthday to you!"
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday (birthday!) to you (to you!) Happy Birthday (birthday!) dear Mommy (Dear Mommy!!) Happy Birthday to you (birthday to you!!)