Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Service Scavenger Hunt

Our friends planned a super fun service scavenger hunt for last weekend. We met with a few other families and got our list of service options, then raced off to see how many projects we could complete before meeting back for lunch. Our family gathered supplies at home and stopped to write some cheerful driveway notes in sidewalk chalk at our friends' houses. Then we headed downtown toward the dollar store, watching for a home with lots of leaves to stop and rake. We found a great yard and quickly got to work. Our second bag was just about full, when Jordan realized his wedding ring had slipped off!

So, we spent the rest of our time searching and sifting and searching and raking and searching... The kids were taking turns keeping Porter happy in the van while we searched and in the process had enough things running that when we went to leave to borrow a metal detector, the battery was dead!

But, a friendly stranger stopped to help charge the van. And our friends used the last of their scavenger hunt time to help us sift through leaves handful by handful searching for that ring. The kids and I took a break for lunch while Jordan started the metal detector search.  And about an hour in (or less), he found his ring!  So our Saturday turned into a chance for us to be grateful for others kindness and help (and to be grateful for Jordan's ring not being lost forever!) And we're looking forward to trying again with another service scavenger hunt next November :)