Thursday, December 10, 2015

ice cream boy

We've had some vanilla ice cream left over in the freezer for the past month or so from an apple pie dessert night.  When it was first discovered, I found Porter on the kitchen floor holding the container carefully on his lap and happily scooping out fingers full of ice cream. And with just complete excitement, he told me "I'm eating the ice cream!" I realized a few days later that my response wasn't totally clear when I found Porter in his same spot, but with a spoon this time, just enjoying his treat and happy to tell me  "I'm eating the ice cream with a  spoon!"

Since then, every few days, Porter will walk through the kitchen and open the freezer and tell me matter of factly "It's not ice cream time" or every once in awhile, "I'm looking at the ice cream with mine eyes!"

I told Jordan about it and he decided to save Porter from the temptation by moving the ice cream to our basement freezer  (though I'm not sure what Porter will do when he finds his favorite treat just to look at is gone!)