Wednesday, December 23, 2015

a slow morning / singing with my sweetheart

Porter had a harder night last night (with many worried wake ups 'someone is coming to get me!') so Jordan and I both woke up extra tired this morning. I sat in bed for a long time trying to plan the day with happy holiday festivities to get me out of my tired morning grumpiness, but finally I got up without any plans determined because Porter and I were both just getting pretty hungry.  We had a slow morning with the kids all wonderfully playing a great fun game together, checking in every once in a while to ask for a job they could do to earn some play money tokens or to turn in their tokens to buy a toy or blanket.

And then Jordan got his guitar out, and tuned mine too, and the two of us  played and sang Christmas songs together!

Once our fingers were sufficiently sore, we were both ready for a great day. Jordan set out with the kids in search of a great Chess set with no missing pieces. I decided to finally make some stockings that I've imagined since Landon was about 2 and headed to Joanns for fabric. (Once I made it there, the fabric I had in mind wasn't quite what I remembered so I found something else still cute) And now I'm off to sew together a few stockings and we'll see what else the day brings :)