Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting Back

We had a great Thanksgiving time in Washington at Drew and Sarah's house with Nathan and Kathie and Winslow too. (more later, maybe :)

The last two days since we've been home, I've been excited about packing up all of our Fall things, emptying the suitcases and washing all the laundry (well, maybe not excited about that part), getting back to routines,  and most of all sprucing up our house with our favorite Christmas things!

But... Porter has pretty much just wanted to rest a binky Mommy. We're not sure what is up, he doesn't seem sick at all, but we've had two days of mostly holding and cuddling. And our little boy who would run happily to his tent for nap time and bedtime is suddenly panicked about sleeping and just wants mom to stay here!

The kids all helped get tidied up last night and put our suitcase things away, so they got to get out a few Christmas boxes while I ran to the store to restock our fridge. And I came home to a definite Christmas explosion in our front room :) With 3 kids happily playing with the Christmas toys and Owen and Jordan cozily reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

So, we may have a few more days of craziness and big Christmas tupperware storage bins all around while we figure things out with Porter, but hooray for the beginning of this wonderful season!