Friday, December 11, 2015

Willow Park Zoo gift shop

Last year around Christmas time I heard about the new gift shop at Logan's Willow Park Zoo. They were looking for crafters and artists and makers, and Jordan was in New York so it was a perfect time for me to spend my evenings making cute little things to send off to the shop. (Like the little roll a snowman kits above). Once more in the Spring (probably while Jordan was in Canada/Washington :) I spent another week or so sewing and making again. (I made catapult kits, paper garlands, pendant banners, tote bags, beanbags, felt garlands, bowties...) So each quarter this year, I've gotten a tiny little check for whichever items have sold.

The most fun part has been on the bottom of each check, they've included a list of all the things people have purchased. And I just love thinking of all these little things I've made being used and enjoyed! Who picked out the pink flamingo banner, and did they hang it above their little girl's crib like I'd imagined? Did a grandma spot the catapult kits and know here grandsons would love shooting marshmallows at each other?  Was another Mom as excited as me about a new pair of cute bike ankle straps?

The shop is closed now for the winter, but hopefully in the Spring I'll take some time to put together a few more things, because it's just so fun to get to share!