Tuesday, December 22, 2015

snow fun

Jordan and Landon and Owen all went for a great snow shoeing adventure this morning. We were short on snow shoes, and this time Ellie and I were happy to stay behind in our warm and cozy house :) (Ellie's friend also invited her to go sledding, but she was just having so much playing in the blanket forts with Porter she couldn't stand to leave.)

After the blanket forts, the three of us worked together and made my favorite blueberry muffins which came out of the oven just as the boys returned from their snowy adventure in Green Canyon (from Owen, "It was so awesome!!") Landon had great descriptions of their travels over the hills from the bulldozer and up the trail and then into the trees where I threw my pole and Owen and I had to dig through all the branches and the trees...

We've had more and more and more snow and Jordan and Landon (with a little help from little Porter :) have been such great hard workers shoveling for us!