Wednesday, December 2, 2015

library/stroller story

two tired kiddos in Brazil
A month ago, I checked out a video from the library for a car ride down to Provo. And then, as I always do with library movies, I forgot to return or renew it before the week ended, so I had a $1/day fine growing. By the time I realized, I knew it would be a decent fine, but I managed to stop by and drop it in the book drop. Still, every time I'd think of the library or make plans for story time, I'd just feel stressed about that silly fine and so I'd ignore it. So then I had a few more books also stretching past their deadline.

So finally last week I went to just return everything and take care of my fines, so I wouldn't feel so stressed about it anymore and we could get back to our regular library routines.

And, hooray! My fines were only $3.40. I think a sweet librarian had pity on me and didn't charge me for our late, late movie. And I was so grateful for the happy surprise and just to have it all taken care of.

Even better though, when we pulled up in front of the library, there was a Maclaren stroller out front, just like ours. And as I got out and looked closer I realized it looked just like ours. And then I started to just vaguely remember bringing Porter in to an activity the month before in the stroller.  I asked the librarian after I paid my fines, "There's a stroller out front, and I think it might be mine..." and she answered with "Oh! We wondered if anyone was ever going to come back for that!"

So hooray for patient librarians and a safe little town where our stroller could sit out for a month and still be waiting for us!