Friday, December 18, 2015

the great purse clean out

image here
(My bags are not nearly so fancy, but a pretty picture here was much better
than the goldfish crumb covered pile covering my kitchen table...)
This morning I tackled the much needed job of cleaning out all of my bags -- purses, diaper bags, sunday bag, primary bag... all of them. I dumped them all out to get started, and our kitchen table was completely covered and overflowing to the ground below. Besides a grocery bag full of trash and the same amount for recycling plus lots of other odds and ends, here were some of the more interesting contents:

9 books (I Spy, Real Moms, the Cheerios playbook, True to the Faith, Jingle Bells...)
a handful of coins from Brazil (and a ziplock full of quarters and nickels and dimes and pennies waiting to be exchanged for bills)
2 notebooks and 9 of my favorite pens (plus several others)
a spare piece of our new (in the Spring) curtain fabric
11 plastic animals + 1 beanie baby fox
a handful of Dove chocolates
3 packages of wipes
Scissors, hole punch, sticky notes, letter opener... (pretty much any office supply you can think of)
5 sharpies
6 hotwheels
2 hair bows
2 bobby pins (only 2?!)
3 tupperware lids (just the lids?)
our plan of salvation puzzle with just one piece left (where are the others?)
a dentist kit with toothbrush/toothpaste/floss samples
2 cafe rio gift cards (missing since last Christmas!)
a spare pare of tights
6 granola bars and 2 fruit leathers

Noticeably absent from any of the bags: my wallet, checkbook, phone, sunglasses... pretty much anything I'd really hope to find there :)

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