Thursday, December 17, 2015

a little laundry story

Our own Winter Wonderland this week! (unrelated, but so beautiful!)

I spent a few days this week catching up on laundry. I hadn't realized I'd gotten so behind until I had these two conversations with Owen:

The kids opened their twelve days of Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa and found new pajamas. Owen was the most excited, and I soon found out why "Mom! This is so perfect! I didn't have any clean pajamas left in my drawer, but now I have these to wear!"

The next day, Owen still had his new jammie pants on at lunch time. I assumed he just liked them so much that he wanted to have a pajama day. (Porter had been desperate to wear his new jammies and put them on the morning we opened them to wear all day) When I asked Owen something like 'did you decide to have a pajama day like Porter did?' He answered a little distressed, "I had to! I didn't have any play clothes pants in my drawer!"

So now a few days and several loads of laundry later, the kids' drawers are all nicely filled with fresh clean clothes again!