Monday, December 14, 2015

Reading Lately

On our flight to Seattle, Jordan played warlords with Landon while taking care of Porter, and Ellie and Owen were happily playing together (and carefully reviewing the emergency safety pamphlet) so I even got to sit back and read a book - such a luxury! I was so wrapped up in Ruby Holler that when they announced we were nearing our destination, it took me a minute to remember where we were really arriving!

The Calder Game - This series is kind of silly, but I still always enjoy the stories when I read them.

Surprised by Motherhood - I've read this over the last several months in bits and pieces. My favorite part was her story of working to remember how much she loved her wild little boy.

El Deafo - A comic book style story about a girl who is deaf. This was a book from Landon that he read and reread.

#1 Ladies Detective Agency - We read this for book group. There were some interesting little mysteries solved, but one that was so terrible that I worried all through the book about what awful outcome was coming. In the end it all turned out okay, but I had a hard time enjoying the book because I just wasn't sure what might come!

Gifted Hands - Someone shared a bit of a story in conference years ago about Ben Carson and his transition from bottom of the class to top neuroseurgeon. I enjoyed this a lot. (And oh! what crazy things doctors can do to try to fix our brains!)

Calpurnia Tate - This wasn't quite as great as the first, but still a fun quick little story.

In This Together - I loved this memoir by Ann Romney. I like the Romneys a lot so it was just fun to see a bit about what regular life is like. Also, it was just really neat to see the progress and improvement she'd been through from her diagnosis and the difficult times following to a much more manageable life. It was also a good reminder to just take care of myself and accept what I can and can't do.

The River - I have many books on my bookshelves from when I was a teacher that I haven't read in years and years. This is just a fun little adventure (the sequel to Hatchet)

Love Stargirl - Stargirl was one of my favorite books in college. I read it and reread it and then on  road trip with my siblings to California, I read it to them too! Sarah had this sequel and it was a fun light Thanksgiving break read.

Ruby Holler - I loved this. Sharon Creech is just one of my favorite authors and I've liked almost everything I've read from her. Landon brought this home from his school library and I borrowed it for our trip. I just wished it could have gone on and on though because I so much wanted to find out what would happen next for all of these characters I quickly learned to love!

I am Malala - I read the youth version of this because I was worried it might be disturbing (it wasn't, but it was definitely written for a younger audience.) Still, I felt like after reading this I had such a better  understanding on the impact on daily life from these problems than any news articles I might have read.

The View from Saturday - I bought a used paperback copy of this at a bookstore in Washington, and as I read it, each time I turned a page it would slip out of it's binding. By the time I finished I had a cover full of lose pages :) A fun little story, but I didn't take the effort to glue it all back together again.