Monday, December 7, 2015

A few Sunday happenings

last week's Christmas decoration explosion

Yesterday we came home from church and I was just super tired. Instead of taking a nap though like I should have, I just curled up on the couch... and then I was just kind of stuck for the afternoon! Thankfully, Jordan was energetic and he helped make a happy afternoon of Christmas singing and tree decorating and cookies & milk. (And he finally sent me out the door for a walk which saved the day too!)

I thought I'd try working on our Christams pizzelles during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. My computer was set up in the kitchen while I worked and Jordan had all the kids playing/watching in the front room. I couldn't help but laugh as the first speaker began talking all about the magic of childhood and the joy of Christmas for children and the wonderful sweetness of children at Christmastime... while I also heard from the front room the not-so-joyous squeals and screams and cries and shouts of Porter and Owen having some minor but noisy argument!

 A few of the boys in Senior primary love "I heard the bells on Christmas Day" (At least one of the verses is always asked for when they have a chance for favorite songs). So I asked if they'd like to sing it for the Christmas program in a few weeks. Some of the boys were happy to sit out, but a few of them stood up and sang with such enthusiasm and energy that it was just a highlight of my day.  (Though a couple of them may have still been grinning ear to ear as they joyfully sang "and in despair I bowed my head... something to talk about before Sacrament meeting maybe :)