Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas (and some news!!)

image from NYCtaughtme (years ago)

I sure love this blog where I can write down all of our little family happenings to remember and share with people I love.

Since we never got to Christmas cards this year, here's our little newsletter (plus our big news for next year!)

The Brough Family in 2015

Jordan is enjoying work as principal engineer at Bonobos from his great little office in the backyard. He’s looking forward to getting into some snowy outdoor adventures while he waits to get back to running/biking/unicycling in the spring. He’s working with the young men and enjoying the new calling. Our family visited Brazil this summer and Jordan loved the chance to really use his Portuguese again. 

I (Debbie) am grateful to be getting better sleep these days (though not for long with a new baby coming in the summer!) This year I’ve loved teaching weekly piano lessons to Ellie and Landon, doing preschool time with Owen each afternoon, talking to Porter, volunteering in the kids classes at school, and doing music time in primary.

Landon (4th grade) is becoming a great Portuguese speaker through  the immersion program at school.  He played soccer through the spring, summer and fall. He loves to play with friends and loves to read.  He and Jordan have both loved waking up early together for scripture study and outside adventures before wok and school. 

Ellie (1st grade) just started the Portuguese immersion program this year. Although it took some time to get used to a full day, she’s loving school and her friends and teachers there. Ellie loves to make projects of all sorts. She loves to build and draw, make homework for Owen, write stories and books, and plan activities and games. 

Owen (4 years old) is a great big brother to Porter while the bigger kids are off to school. He loves to do preschool time with Mom (though he sometimes wishes for a real preschool :) and is excited about getting ready to learn to read. Owen loves to laugh and play and run, and he is an amazing basketball dribbler. 

Porter (2 1/2) is just so fun to talk to and listen to. He loves to tell us all about the things that are happening and the important things that he remembers. Porter loves to read books, rest with Mom, help cook from up on the counter, and run and play with his big brothers and sister. 

We're so grateful for all of our dear family and good friends and for this wonderful season to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!