Friday, December 4, 2015

A Happy Birthday

I got to celebrate my birthday while we were in Washington for Thanksgiving, and it was a sweet happy day. I woke up to a banner and balloons from Sarah (such a fun surprise!) We all went into Seattle and visited the Children's Museum there. (Except Jordan - it was Black Friday and that morning Bonobos' site was having some major trouble, so Jordan was working away to get everything up and running again!)

A quick thing -- On the way to the museum from the parking lot, we passed a really cool playground and the kids were anxious to go play. We told them we could come back after the museum. So the kids had a great time at the museum exploring and building and playing. But the highlight of the day that they told everyone about was the few minutes we stopped at the playground on the way home! :)

That evening, Sarah had a birthday party all planned and we had fun playing minute-to-win-it games (Like the cup stacking above, which provided a few more hours of entertainment in the following days), opening presents, and eating funfetti birthday cake with rainbow chip frosting! (Thanks Kathie!)

It was just a happy day and I felt so grateful for everyone taking time to do all these special little things for me!