Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Break

We have been super excited about Christmas break. The kids are out of school and Jordan is taking off the next two weeks and we have no major plans except to spend time together and enjoy our family and this happy season. Work has been a bit crazy for Jordan the past few weeks, so he is feeling especially grateful for a little break. We made a great big poster with ideas of things to do and it included lots of movie parties and playing and fun :)

Saturday had movie time and Christmas pancakes by Jordan and playing games/sledding with the Broughs. Sunday the kids sang for the Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting (and I just loved the boys' I heard the Bells on Christmas Day!) and home teachers and tithing settlement and a hangout with Grammie and Grandpa and April.  This morning was a get jobs done + haircuts for everyone morning (with a visit from cousin Ethan too).  And now Jordan and the kids are off to finish Christmas shopping while I wrap presents at home.

There has certainly been a  lot more chaos and craziness, but we're hoping we can enjoy/embrace/ignore the more crazy parts and make this such a happy little Christmas break all together.