Tuesday, December 15, 2015


When we went to Boston years ago (with 3 year old Landon and baby Ellie), we stopped in at Mike's Pastry (because we heard that's just what you do). What I remember most was the great set up they had with bakers twine hanging down from the ceiling to help them package up your treat purchases super quickly (because there were a lot of people waiting!) And I remember that it was a bit overwhelming to try to choose between such a variety of delicious looking sweets.

We also stopped into a tiny little bakery that sold just pizzelles -- flat waffle type cookies -- in all sorts of flavors. And those were a hit!

Exploring that beautiful city, and walking through the Alcott home with it's beautiful wood furniture still beautiful 150 years later... I just remember wanting to bring home some bit of the charm and class of that trip with me :)

I don't know how well I did that, but I did bring pizzelles home, and even got myself a press for my birthday that year.  And then when Christmas came, I had the perfect little treat in mind for our sweet Provo neighbors.

And now this is just one of my favorite Christmas time traditions. Last year, I went ahead and got a second press to help with the process. And this year, I finally let the kids help. These two boys were happy measurers and mixers and Owen was the designated timer man. Ellie helped with another batch, and Landon even got to make a batch (mostly) on his own. And then all these kiddos cheerfully delivered our little packages.  (With the reward of little bites to munch on in between)