Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ellie's class today / dancing

cute Ellie, just because I can remember how cute her little dancing was at this age :)
Today when I went in to help in Ellie's class, I got there just in time for a little dance party. They all lined up and followed their teacher around the class, tapping and stepping and dancing along with Xuxa. And it was just the sweetest, happiest little time to get to be a part of! 

A few highlights: 

- I've been helping little groups in Ellie's English class, so I've finally gotten to know most of the kids. All the little smiles and waves as they came past my spot in the classroom just made me so happy. 

- Ellie was sending hugs my way from across the room, so I blew her a kiss as she passed. A minute later, another little boy came by and blew me a kiss too :)

And the funny little comments! 

- from the boy leading a little group, "Get ready for a wild ride!" 
- from a shoulder slumped boy, "I'm allergic to walking"
- a secret shared from one little girl, "I want to dance with Jimmy!"
- and from a little punkster, "This is the baddest Portuguese thing we've ever done."
- from the girl swinging her arms and skipping wildly, "This is so relaxing!"

What a fun bright part of my morning!

And a cute little Ellie dancer --