Monday, November 16, 2015

November so far

last November at our favorite rainbow campground spot
We had two quick visits from Kathie and Winslow for a few days and then April for a few days -- a fun filled week!

Pizza Rat...  (we have Landon and his friends from school to thank for this one!)
And primary songs for the primary program yesterday!

This weekend we rode bikes/jogged to Waffle Love for a fun try-lots-of-kinds-of-waffles lunch with April.

Our apples, at last! One more big batch of applesauce and a few more dehydrators full of extra crispy dried apples... and we decided we're ready to be done. Any apples still on the tree will be lovely little ornaments for the Winter :)

I had fun finding and making a set of activities and worksheets for Ellie's class to use for a writing center and it has been fun to add her English class to my weekly volunteering schedule (hooray for Jordan's lunch break time and his happiness to let me do this!)

Jordan taught Ellie Imperial Assault and she was as excited as Landon was disappointed that now it could be Ellie and Dad's game too.

Once Upon an Alphabet again and again (and again!) We've missed the last few story times at the library, which means I haven't been back to renew/return my books, which means this one is most likely accruing fines, but at least we're enjoying it! (Tomorrow I'll return it at story time, right?) And I want to read all of Oliver Jeffers books now.

Inside Out for our latest pizza movie party.

On getting things organized, routinized, etc. (always?) Today we started a new tidying up job system, and we're crossing our fingers for success!

Thumbprint cookies. Jordan made these with Ellie a few weeks ago and then again before church yesterday to share with his Young Men's class. (And of course there were extras :) The kids were asking and asking, and Jordan finally told them he'd give three cookies to anyone who could stand on their head for 10 seconds. So they all practiced and practiced and Landon did it! (And Jordan too! He made the record at 39 seconds even!)

I've gotten excited about my morning walks again. I hadn't realized quite what had me not looking forward to getting out the door for a while (besides the chillyness of course). Then one day Owen was too cold to ride his bike so he hopped in the stroller and immediately I realized how much I'd been missing my walks as my own time. Our summer days of walking/Owen biking were fun and happy for sure. But I really had missed the time to just listen to music and walk and think and plan. Now that it's cold enough, the boys are both happy (mostly) to be bundled up in the stroller to talk and play with each other, and I'm excited for the little change.

A bit roughly while we try to help Porter transition to sleeping in his tent the whole night. (We'll get there, right?)

All the great fun of our Brazil trip as I helped a friend get started with their plans to go in the Spring. And of course looking back at all the wonderful parts, the visa hassle/hotel finding /vaccines don't seem nearly so bad :)