Thursday, November 19, 2015

The get out dance/ high chair mischief

We were finding  with mealtimes that if Porter was finished eating and we didn't notice in time, he would just throw his bowl/plate/dinner off his high chair and onto the floor. A few weeks ago, I was bending over next to his high chair picking something up when he decided he was done with his bowl full of chili and tossed it overboard - right on my head! Fortunately, it landed right side up, but then bounced off and splattered all across the floor/wall/etc. So we finally made it a priority to teach little Porter what he should do when he's finished eating. (Setting his bowl on the table and saying "Mommy, I'm done!")  As we started teaching him, we made a big celebration each time he followed our new pattern. So now for our end of meal time, instead of spilled oatmeal, etc. (though we still have that sometimes too) we have a plate set neatly on the table and sweet Porter saying "Mommy, I'm done --  Hip Hip Hooray!!"

I don't remember how or when it started, but at some point Porter started his get out dance. When he was ready to get out of the high chair, he'd stand up and dance singing "get owwwwt get owwwwt..." The kids think this is the funniest thing. "Porter, do the get out dance!" One night this week, we again had  all four children around the table at the end of dinner standing on their chairs dancing away singing  "get owwwwt, get owwwwt!"