Friday, November 6, 2015

Hero of the day

Yesterday I got to go in to Ellie's class for a few minutes to help celebrate Ellie as "Hero of the Day". She showed off a poster she'd made of her favorite things, then her teacher told some wonderful things about her. Then I got to share a few things about Ellie -- and she had helped me in advance by making me a list of all the things I should talk about :) Art and reading and playing with friends and her family, writing and drawing and making books... and she had me read a little book she'd written too. (super cute) Then all of her classmates got a turn to ask questions or say something and it was just as sweet as can be.

"What's your favorite number?" 
"I think you're really nice" 
"What's your favorite kind of animal?" 
"I just really like you a lot Ellie!"

It was fun taking a few minutes to really think about Ellie and what she loves these days. Most of all, she is such a maker.  She loves to write stories, draw pictures, make books, make homework for Owen or extra math practice for herself, plan activities and games, build and fix and repair with her tools, think of recipes and help cook... What wonderful talents Ellie has!