Monday, November 23, 2015

I was a great sleeper!

Porter woke up a few mornings ago and said first thing, "I was a great sleeper!" And he was! He'd woken a few times and cried for just a tiny bit before calming himself and going back to sleep. And the next night he slept all night long!

We've been working on getting Porter to sleep all through the night in his own room, so this was so super exciting. The last few nights (and last night especially) have been not so great. But at least there's hope!

I realized this last little while how much I have to be thankful for with Porter's sleep, even if he does still wake at night. He goes to bed for naps and bedtime so happily and willingly and falls asleep by himself without a bit of trouble. And he takes great naps every day after lunch. So hooray for those great things and for a few great nights too!